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Colorado Cabin Plan #h235 1260 sq ft 1 Bedroom 1 Bath Main 600 sq ft Loft Cabin Plans

Great Cabin Plans, Plan #sds235 1260 sq ft 1 bedroom 1 bath Main 600 sq ft Loft Cabin plans. Large porches. Complete construction plans to download in PDF,  $700 set of plans download from the internet.

h235 Cabin Plan_Page_01 h235 Cabin Plan_Page_02 h235 Cabin Plan_Page_03 h235 Cabin Plan_Page_04 h235 Cabin Plan_Page_05 h235 Cabin Plan_Page_06 h235 Cabin Plan_Page_07 h235 Cabin Plan_Page_08 h235 Cabin Plan_Page_09 h235 Cabin Plan_Page_10 #235 cabin sm500 Picture1 (2) Picture1 Picture2 - Copy Picture2 (2) Picture2 Picture3 Picture4 Picture5 #H235 Colorado Cabin Plan #h235

H235 Colorado Cabin Plans in PDF and DWG


DVD with 100 AutoCAD DWG House Plans

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We have spent years in making and this and I just spent thousands for the renderings alone and at an average cost of $500 per plan this is a huge collection of house plans all available on one DVD.

I have been drawing homes for 28 years in Utah and I have put together a great package of 100 of these homes that have been drawn and built here in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. These are complete houses, the working drawings that you can use to modify or print and build any of the plans. I am the designer and I am giving you the right to modify the plans in your own way and build the houses. If you are a contractor this gives you 100 great sets of plans to offer to your clients. For less than the cost of getting one set drawn you will be getting 100 complete sets that you can use.

This DVD is loaded with 100 house plans in AutoCAD DWG, JPG and PDF format ready to go just for you. Print at 1/8″ or 1/4″ Scale

Free  House Plans Catalog

Download Free Catalog – download sample plan

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AutoCAD DWG House Plans


G391a 16′ x 20′ x 8′ Bunkhouse, Storage Shed or Workshop

G391a 16′ x 20′ x 8′ Bunkhouse, Storage Shed or Workshop

Download and print your Bunkhouse, Storage Shed or Workshop plans today. Construction drawings

G391a 16x20x8 Bunkhouse – Shed – Workshop


Bunkhouse testimonial

Bunkhouse, Storage Shed or Workshop



15 Bunkhouse Plans – Bunkhouse Blueprints

15 Bunkhouse and Small Cabin Plans PDF


“Would You Like Bunkhouse Blueprints Plan to Build a Bunk House or Small Cabin?”

Download Bunkhouse Blueprints Plan Immediately

15 Bunkhouse Plans

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“You can get all 15 of these Bunk House and Small Cabin Plans”


“The Bunk Cabin House”

“One room Cabin House”

“The Cottage Cabin Design”

“Custom Cabin House”

“Bunkhouse with Porch”

“The Garden Shed”

“G391a 16x20x8 Bunk House”

“The 12×20 Gentleman Bunkhouse”

“Aspen small Cabin”

“Cabin with crawl Space”

“G441a 12×20 bunk house”

“Colorado Cabin House”




“Screen Garage Bunk House”

“Slab Ranch bunk house”

“Wyoming Aspen Cabin”


“All bunkhouse plans are available instantly with a link to download and print”

15 Bunkhouse and Small Cabin Plans PDF


Custom Cabin Plans #234 Wyoming Aspen Hunting Cabin

Download Plans #234 Wyoming Aspen Hunting Custom Cabin


Custom Cabin Plans #234 Wyoming Aspen Hunting Cabin


Custom cabin plans – how do you find that custom cabin plan that is just right for you? Custom cabin plans are the first and most important tool you need to build that cabin you have been dreaming of for so long. This may sound obvious for most people but, some folks have begin the building of their cabin without plans at all, thinking they had it all figured out. The right aspen hunting cabin plans are essential to being able to build a great cabin for your next trip. The best part about these Custom Cabin Plans #234 Wyoming Aspen Hunting Cabin is that you can built anywhere and anytime.

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Aspen Cabin Plan Pictures from Wyoming

Thanks Tom for sharing the finished cabin.  It Looks Great!
Here are the pictures of the finished Aspen Cabin Built in Wyoming.

#22 – Aspen A-Frame Cabin 20? x 30? 1 1/2 Story E-Plans


aspen.gif (17296 bytes)aspencabinfp.jpg (29211 bytes)

600 sq ft with full loft – 1 bedroom 1 bath

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50 Complete Building Construction Blueprint Plan Sets 10 Houses – 10 Garages – 10 Cabins – 10 Barns – 10 Misc. Plans

50 Complete Building Construction Blueprint Plan Sets

10 Houses – 10 Garages – 10 Cabins – 10 Barns – 10 Misc. Plans

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#115 40 x 44 Custom Cabin Plans Blueprints Construction Drawings

This is a great cabin with a really nice floor plan. Nice features allow it to be built into a hillside and overlook the valley below. Get this plan and ten other cabin plans in a package deal. Check out our specials


#136 45 x 23 Hillside Cabin Plans Blueprints Construction Drawings

45′ x 23′ Custom Cabin Plans for building on a sloped lot.


37 Plans only $29.95 House Plans, Cabin Plans, Garage Plans, Playhouse Plans, RV Garage Plans, Construction Documents and Blueprints

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Bonus – $19.99 Children’s playhouse plan and Green house plan

pict1 garage1424.jpg (117126 bytes) pict2 Greenhouse pict3

All 4 packages listed above Total Price $109.96

Sale Price for all 4 packages together 37 plans $29.95

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Saskatoon 24' x 32' Custom Cabin Plans Blueprints Construction Drawings

I have been working over for the last week on a new custom cabin that is going to be built in Saskatchewan Canada.

Chris had signed up for the newsletter and had downloaded the free cabin plans and wanted to make some changes to the plans. Here are some of the things he wanted to do. I wanted to post this so you can see that it is a two way process to design a cabin or home and that it takes working back and forth with the designer to get the whole process completed


Here is the first email outlining the scope of the project. WE also phone back and forth several times.

It’s Chris from Saskatoon – we spoke earlier this week and I was to provide you with some requirements so you could modify the cabin plan that you could provide a quote on modifying the cabin plan you frequently use.  As discussed, timing is our main issue, as we require plans no later than March 31.  You indicated that you thought that would be lots of time and your prices sounded quite reasonable.

There are a few things I would like to incorporate into your plan:

1)     Hybrid log design, with center / side of rafter consisting of logs, and one (or more as you see fit) vertical log in the kitchen area as the support beam for the upper loft’s sitting room

2)     Overhang at the back of the cabin of 4-6 feet;

3)     Passageway from loft to upper office;

4)     Bedrooms can be small;

I don’t know whether or not it matters from your end, but we will be using a screw pile foundation.  I will follow-up with you to discuss later in the day so I can provide you with any information or clarification you may need in advance to provide a quote.  Given our conversation, we are confident that we will be using you, but do wonder about how we go about getting blueprints.  We can discuss further when I return to the office. Thanks

Chris then emailed the sketches and we started drawing the plans. One interesting thing about the plans is a little office nook that is on the third story that is accessed by a ladder.

After the initial drawings here are the next changes.

I have attached some updated comments.  We would like to give up bedroom space (and even closets if necessary) to make more living room in the great room.  We have an immediate family of 8 (and too many inlaws!) so we would like to extend the main room to allow for at least 16′ for where the living room area is. 

So, basically, I think the sitting area in the loft can stay fairly close to where it is, but the stairs can be moved back.   We would like pocket doors on the main floor bedroom, main floor entry to the mudroom, but not on the bathroom.  For upstairs, we would like pocket doors for both bedrooms but not for the bathroom.

On the upper office room.  I would like to have the option of putting a small deck off of that office on the back side of the house, if that is possible.

See what you can do. thanks again.

Here are the follow up comments

John – I absolutely love it.  good work.  When Charlene gets home I will share it with her and get the boss’s thoughts 🙂

I expect there may be a couple of modest changes but it looks great.  Are there any special considerations/notations for Canadian Building Codes?  Also, your plans come with materials lists?  

thanks again, will touch base in the morning!

Here are the final changes on the Cabin Plans

Please see attached…pretty straight forward.

 1. 24 x 24 deck on back, with stairs at side and back;

2. equidistant spaces between windows on front wall;

3. Upper room optional;

4. Upper room’s deck optional;

5. No second level deck at all, windows in place of deck doors;

6. Rear overhang optional

7. Centre pole inside – can this support loft sitting area only and not go all the way to the roof, if so, make pole to roof optional (with standard plan showing pole up to bottom of loft sitting room only)

 Could you put the following on the front page — instead of “UBC, IRC”, please insert text to read as follows:


 What is attached are the final edits.  If you have any questions, please email me and I can call you at a time which you advise is convenient.

Here are the final sample drawings for the Cabin. 


#216 Aspen Cabin Plans converted to to raised Flood Plain Cabin Plans Blueprints Construction Documents

#216 Aspen Cabin Plans converted to to raised Flood Plain Cabin Plans Blueprints Construction Documents

#216 Aspen Cabin Plans converted to to raised Flood Plain Cabin Plans Blueprints Construction Documents

We do custom modifications of our existing plans. Here is an update for the 20 x 30 Aspen cabin which is available on our website for $9.99 This is what Todd wanted us to do to the plans.

John, I Spoke with you today on the phone and need some changes to the cabin plans above I purchased from your web site. The changes needed are as follows.


1) I need a post to pier foundation created so the cabin is elevated in the air, as my building site is in a flood plan. I need the bldg. raised high enough to get an 8′ foot high garage door under the cabin for boat/car storage. I would also like you to get the foundation posts at the maxim distance apart for storage as well.


2) I would like to make changes inside as well. I only need the loft to be 12 x 20 (less than half the cabin size) making the bath/bedroom a little bigger. I would also like to eliminate the stairs and change the bath/bedroom opposite the sides there are on now. I will just build a ladder to access the loft for now.  (new loft size 12′ x 20′)


Please let me know your cost for the changes right away and I will get you some cash. Todd F


We charged $200 for the modifications and this is the new cabin plans.

If you are interested in Purchasing these plans or having us develop a custom set of plans. PDF stock plans are available for less than $100 email



#h217 1100 Sq Ft Country Cottage Cabin Small Home Plans Blueprints Construction Documents

1100 Sq Ft Country Cottage Cabin Small Home Plans Blueprints Construction Documents
3 bedroom
2 bath
Small design economical to build.
Great Cabin or smart starter home.
Plans available in PDF or DWG
We can also make modifications to the plans

If you are interested in Purchasing these plans or having us develop a custom set of plans. This set of plans drawn as custom plans cost $500.00

PDF stock plans are available for less than $100 email


Alaska Log Building Construction Guide

Alaska Log Building Construction Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: This manual is not written to the current Alaska Building
Energy Efficiency Standard of April 1, 2007 (BEES 2007).

The Alaska Log Building Construction Guide is written to help log builders,
owner-builders, contractors, architects, engineers, and building manufacturers
build log homes that meet the original State of Alaska Building Energy
Efficiency Standards (BEES 1991) (see Appendix A). This book contains useful
information for anyone interested in building or renovating energy efficient,
quality log structures in Alaska. A number of basic procedures and techniques
are described in detail to help even the novice log builder get started building
his or her first log project. Building an energy-efficient log home requires the
highest level of craftsmanship to meet modern standards of air-tightness, indoor
air quality, safety, comfort, and durability.

Some of the following documents may be in Adobe PDF document format. If you
are having difficulty viewing these documents visit Adobe’s website and download
their free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download Adobe Reader!

Download the entire Log Building Construction Guide in Adobe Acrobat format:

If you have difficulty viewing this manual or any of the sections below you
will need to download
Acrobat Reader. 
Which you may download free from


Free A-Frame Cabin Plans Blueprints Construction Documents

I have had alot of people e-mail me asking me if I had any plans for A-frame cabins. I haven’t drawn any but as I was doing some research on the internet I found 2 pretty good set of plans that a person could use to build a cabin. A plan for a 24′ A-Frame Cabin and a 36′ A-Frame Cabin. I would have an engineer look at them to verify sizes for today’s codes, but they are a great place to start. They were drawn by the University Extension of North Dakota.

Download 36-a-frame-house-plans PDF

Download 24-a-frame-house-plans PDF