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How to Build a Greenhouse Free Book with Greenhouse Plans

Free Greenhouse Plans

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How to Build a Green House

6 Complete Wood Frame Green House Plans DWG and PDF

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When you are considering building green house plans for yourself or for a friend these wood frame greenhouse plan will help you understand what a good green house plan should include. From knowing how to get water to your plants, where to put your green house and how to make sure the proper amount of sunlight hits your new greenhouse.

Plus a free book called How to Build a Greenhouse

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. 5

Introduction to Greenhouses. 5

Design considerations: 5

Choosing a site for your Greenhouse: 6

Chapter 2. 8

Types of Greenhouses. 8

Based on Shape: 8

Based on Utility: 10

Based on Construction Material: 11

Based on Covering Materials: 12

Chapter 3. 13

Elements of a Greenhouse. 13

Foundations: 13

Concrete Foundation: 15

Concrete Slab Foundation: 16

Wood Foundation: 16

Plumbing and Wiring: 17

Flooring: 19

Advantages of permanent floor: 20

Advantages of temporary floor: 20

Framing: 20

Framing of Walls and Roof: 21

Wall Framing Tips: 22

Framing of Doors and Vents: 23

Roof Framing: 24

Heating: 25

Calculating Heat Requirements for your Greenhouse: 25

Heat Conservation Tips: 26

Cooling: 26

Evaporative Cooling: 28

Greenhouse Maintenance: 28

Chapter 4. 30

Greenhouse Plans. 30

Publisher. 50



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