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g442 30 x 50 x 12 8-12 Pitch Workshop Garage Plans Blueprints Construction Drawings



Here are the details on order for this set of custom plans.


I’m looking at building a 50′  wide 30′ deep shop with four 10′ tall doors or 4 12′ tall doors and one man door.  If I use the 10′ doors I would like to use a 1′ tall cement foundation and a 10′ stud.  If I use a 12′ door I would like to use a 1′ foundation with a 12′ stud.  Would the plans be identical other than the stud length?  I would like to get an estimate from contractors on both ceiling heights.  How much for these two sets of prints?  This shop is for storage only and there would be no windows.  I’m building in Island Park, Idaho and the snow load is 128 pounds, wind rating is 90 mph gusts for 3 sec gusts and the sysmic code is D1.

Thanks John T

If you are interested in Purchasing these plans or having us develop a custom set of plans. This set of plans drawn as custom plans cost $150.00

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