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969 West 720 South Logan Utah

3 Bedroom 2 Bath

1653 Sq Ft

2 Car Garage

Fenced Yard

Built in 2000

Next door to Woodruff Elementary School


New Roof


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Call 435-760-1385 for more information or a showing

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100 House Plans Printed and in DWG and PDF – Download the free Color Catalog

100 House Plans Printed and in DWG and PDF – Download the free Color Catalog

We have been working really hard and have 100 house plans that we are busy loading up on to the store. We have been doing renderings of them so that you can see what they are like. We will have a new catalog and they can be ordered immediately

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Stock Printed House Plans over 100 to choose from

Here are pictures of most of the plans

Stock Printed House Plans over 100 to choose from


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G423a Plans 30 x 30 x 9 detached garage with bonus room

I wanted to share Belinda’s email that I just received about the 30’ x 30’ x 9’ garage plans she purchased from our site.

Hi! John

A couple years ago we purchased a garage plan from you and I have always been meaning to send you photos of how it turned out!

We made a few adaptations to the trusses to allow a larger room upstairs, added 5 skylights, extra windows and put a patio door and deck off the back for access!


Belinda J

Here are the pictures she enclosed

26 x 36 garage plans

30’ x 30’ x 9’ Garage Plans

30’ x 30’ x 9’ Garage Plans

30’ x 30’ x 9’ Garage Plans

Here is the origional add for the garage plans that Belinda built the garage from.

Garage Plan of the Month #80 G423a Plans, 8002-123, 30’ x 30’ x 9’

#G423a Plans, Crite, 8002-123, 30 x 30 x 9 detached garage with bonus room.jpg

#80 G423a Plans,  30’ x 30’ x 9’ detached garage with bonus room

Here are the origional specs for this garage plan with an apartment possibilty upstairs

We need a set of plans for a 30 x 30  with 9′ ceilings down in the garage.  We’re using a set of bonus trusses we had built for the Schwers job so the bonus room is 15 1/2 feet wide, is 6′ 8″ high at the wing walls and I believe is 8′ 8″ in the center.  Pitch is 10/12 with asphalt dimensional shingles.  We’ll be putting rock on the front 40″ up the wall and it will have triple lap siding to match home.  I’m attaching a few pictures.   The stairs will be in the back left corner.  They’ll have a 10′ wide x 30′ deep concrete slab on the right side (viewing from front)
In the front 30′ gable wall from the right there will be a 3′ 4″ return, then a 10′ x 8′ garage door, then a 3′ 4″ center, then a 10′ x 8′ garage door, then a 3′ 4″ return.
In the left 30′ wall from the rear there will be a 3′ man door as close to the stairs as possible.  Then a 5030 window centered between the man door and front wall.  We’ll be running a wall down the bottom of the stairs to separate the living quarters from the bonus room with another door (fire rated) to the garage.
In the back 30′ gable wall there will be a set of 6′ french doors 3′ from the right corner.
In the right 30′ wall there will be a 5030 window centered.

In the bonus room there will be a bathroom right beside where the stairs come up with a door that faces toward the front wall.  The 4040 window will be centered in the front gable and in the rear it will be centered in the remaining wall at top of stairs with a thru-the-wall  AC/heater under it.

Original cost to design these custom plans = $200.00

Click here for page 1 Sample Plan

Click Here Complete Materials List

Available in PDF $19.95 or DWG $39.95$19.95          $39.95

Special $19.95 for both PDF and DWG  


H129 Custom Home Design

H129 Custom Home Design


Ready to Download H129 Custom Home Design in both PDF and DWG files

Main Floor Plan


Back View

2nd floor Plan

Available in DWG and PDF file.

This complete Plans Contains the following:

Page 1 Cover Page
Page 2 Main Floor Plan
Page 3 Basement Plan
Page 4 Second Floor Plan
Page 5 Elevation Plan
Page 6 Floor and Roof Framing Plan
Page 7 Whole House Sections
Page 8 Cabinet & Stair Detailsl
Page 9 Main Floor Electrical
Page 10 Second Floor Electrical
Page 11 Basement Electrical


g472 24 x 30 x 9 two car garage plans with scissor truss with PDF and DWG

g472 24 x 30 x 9 two car garage plans with scissor truss with PDF and DWG

Two car garage plans come in lots of shapes, sizes and designs. Learn the best way to find the 2 car garage plans best suited for your need. If you’re the owner of two cars then you’re very likely to want to take care of both of them. There is no better way to keep a car in good condition than to have it stay inside most of the time. With two cars that will require a garage that is big enough and that is when you need a plan. When planning for a two car garage you will probably need professional help but how to you know that you get the best professional without paying a fortune for it? It’s not as difficult as it sounds. For most people, it was seen that the primary reason of their inclination towards 2-car garage plan is that the design offers substantial storage space. Aside from vehicles, large garages like 2-car garages can be used for storing garden and yard equipment, seasonal equipments for sports and recreation and others items.


Click Here to Download Free Plans

Click Here to Download Free Plans


G473 10 X 14 X 8 garden shed plans


Download G473 10 x 14 x 8 garden shed plan

G473 10 X 14 X 8 garden shed

Garden Shed.........


If you are planning to build a shed, you want to make sure you get the best value for your budget, and your storage shed meets all your needs. For this reason, it is important that you find the best storage shed plans. Building garden or storage sheds on your own can be a frustrating experience if you try it for the first time. But, that does not mean that you should avoid the idea of a shed plans and blueprints. Anyone can build a beautiful shed on their own with the help of the ready made garden shed plans available today. One who is interested to build a garden storage shed will get a lot of free storage shed plans available for download online. These G473 10 X 14 X 8 garden shed plans will contain all the information for building the shed like easy to read plans, door and window framing, materials list and other instructions manuals.


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11 Complete Sets of RV Garage Plans and Blueprints for only $29.99


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10 Garage Plans


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