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Aspen Cabin Plan Pictures from Wyoming

Thanks Tom for sharing the finished cabin.  It Looks Great!
Here are the pictures of the finished Aspen Cabin Built in Wyoming.

#22 – Aspen A-Frame Cabin 20? x 30? 1 1/2 Story E-Plans


aspen.gif (17296 bytes)aspencabinfp.jpg (29211 bytes)

600 sq ft with full loft – 1 bedroom 1 bath

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Custom 24' x 36' 2 story Barn Plans Blueprints Construction Documents

I just finished the plans to this 24 x 36 2 story barn plan and wanted to share the customers response

Hi John!!!!! It’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12:01 am – you should be in bed – your poor wife!!!! You are like me – work too much – I have given your name and web site to my friends who work at Home depot here in Connecticut. I am hoping you will get some more leads from it – your work is incredible – I hope people tell you this!

I have forwarded this current version to the GC – I think it looks good – sit tight – I will get back to you in a day or so – but I think it is beautiful – thanks!



20' x 20' with Loft Construction Pictures

Hi John, Just attached a pic of my completed garage that i built myself from your plans… i did not put windows on the sides, instead my wife wanted them in the front – future flower boxes will go under them… also i doubled up in the 2×12’s at the stair opening and used joist hangers – this avoided having the interior wall down stairs….
thanx again everything went great and feel free to use my pic…
Jeff C

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IMAGE026.JPG (78253 bytes)IMAGE028.JPG (76716 bytes)IMAGE031.JPG (160498 bytes)IMAGE032.JPG (75824 bytes) Pictures of the 20′ x 20′ Gable Workshop – Thanks Jeff

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16 x 20 Garage Plan Customer Commets

Kathy is happy with the following plans and sends us pictures to show how great the garage plan ended up.

Hi John,

I had purchased a customized plan from you back in March. They worked great! Our city planning/permitting really liked them and it helped the process go smoothly. Attached is a picture of the little shop we built with your plans.

Kathy's 16 x 24 plan from SDSCAD

Kathy's 16 x 24 plan from SDSCAD

Here are the original specs on the plans

1. 16×20, 8 foot from finished floor to bottom of joists
2. standard exterior double doors instead of garage door on 16″ side
3. Site consideration – 1 foot of elevation change on the site from the highest corner to the lowest corner (diagonally)
4. footing & stem wall (load bearing 1500 lb/sq ft) – 12″ wide x 6″ high
5. 2×6 treated mudsill bolted to top of stem wall. 2×4 bottom plate secured to 2×6 mudsill.
6. (2) 3×3 windows up high (just enough room for a header between window & top plate) on each of the long 20 ft sides and (1) 3×3 window in back also high – all (5) windows spaced evenly
7. 2×4 construction walls
8. no trusses – rafters and joists with storage but no occupancy above the joists (storage for future plan)
9. 10:12 slope roof
10. eaves with rake ends and fascia – 2×6 fascia
11. composite roof
12. hardiplank 6 1/4″

Thanks Kathy it was good working with you on your plans

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