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Facts About Beavers – Beavers For Kids

Partially aquatic, humungous and dynamic at the hours of darkness are attributes of beavers. For sure, lots of kids are not aware of it. However, upon reading this article, they are already aware of it. Good for them!

For most hunters, beavers are in demand. There are two reasons why they are greatly desired by hunters. One, hunters want beavers’ fur, after all, it’s very expensive and marketable. Two, hunters can generate castor oils or scents from the glands of beavers, which can be used either in medicines or in perfumeries. So your kids can therefore conclude that beavers are no more just pests, but rather, they are pests having many uses.

But are there more surprising facts about beavers that little ones must be having knowledge of?

Yes, there are!

First, beavers can exist or survive in the wild for 24 years or more. What is amazing about it is that they never stop growing. They can weigh in as heavy as 25 kilograms.

Second, beavers are natural construction workers. In fact, they are able to successfully build lodges, dams and canals in just a few hours or in a few days. They are able to cut trees overnight using their potent teeth. Teeth of beavers are known to be very sharp, powerful and expand continuously throughout their lives.

Third, beavers’ tails are scaly but broad. Plus, they possess webbed hind-feet. Beavers remain active during winter. So don’t expect them to be in the state of hibernation even during the coldest season of the year.

Fourth, beavers are able to create ponds. That justifies why if they exist in an environment where ponds are not present, they need not to worry because they can quickly and easily make ponds through utilizing lots of mud and woods.

Those are definitely surprising truths about beavers that most kids and even adults don’t have knowledge with.

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Facts About Beavers That Kids Must Know Now

Facts About Beavers - Beavers For Kids

Beavers For Kids Kindle Edition

Beavers are without question, large rodents. In fact, they are the second-largest rodents in the entire universe. That is may be one of the reasons why a number of kids are scared of beavers.

But more than being one of the largest rodents in the entire universe, what other facts about beavers that kids must have knowledge of now?

Additional facts about beavers that little ones must have knowledge of at this present time are as follows:

Beavers that are brought into existence during the first year are called kits. Meanwhile beavers that exist for more than a year are called yearlings.

Beavers are not diurnal. They are inactive during daytime. Thus, you’ll see beavers on the move only at night time. They are nocturnal after all.

Beavers’ diets consist mostly of bark of trees specifically from cottonwood, quaking aspen, cherry, alder, willow and maple. As well, they love munching sedges, water lilies and other aquatic plants.

In terms of senses, beavers’ sense of smelling and sense of hearing are the strongest while its sense of seeing is the weakest.

They can inhabit both in land and in water. When they are on land, they are quite sluggish. However, when they are in water, they are quite speedy. That’s because by nature, they are excellent swimmers. Beavers’ breathing can be put on hold underwater for fifteen minutes without problem.

Beaver’s houses are normally built and situated in the middle of a river or stream. Beaver’s homes are called lodges. These lodges are constructed out of woods and mud. Entrances of lodges are situated underwater. Thus, predators would be having difficulty penetrating beavers’ natural habitat.

Beavers’ tails are leveled and broad. Their tails are surprisingly its alarming systems. When they are threatened by carnivorous animals, all they do to signal other beavers that they are in jeopardy or they are not safe at the present situation is to directly smack their expansive tails into the surface of the water. Interestingly, it would produce hearable sounds that will ultimately trigger other beavers to swiftly and safely move away.

Shared above are amusing facts about beavers that little ones must be aware of now!

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